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Status Of English Language Education In China English Language Essay

Status Of English Language Education In China English Language Essay In today world, English language is widely used and the status of the language can viewed differently according to where it is utilized in several parts of the world. In some nations like the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Australia, English is considered a native language. However, Singapore, Philippine, India, and Malaysia regard English as a second language whereas other countries including Greece, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, and others view English a foreign language (Bray Kashrus, 1985, 1992 as cited in Zhang, Zhang 2008). As the language of communication in numerous fields, both developing and developed countries have adopted and used English language accordingly. China, one of those countries, has accepted and utilized English in diverse domains, so that they may properly develop their country and build more relationships with outside world or vice versa. According to Ford, 1988 Bickers, 1999 as cited in Zhang (2008), English language has entered into China in nineteenth century through trading between China and western nations, and the first country in western nations, which did the trading with China, was Portugal and then British. After China lost in the Opium war to British, Hong Kong was abandoned, and other territories were open for foreigners and traders. During the period, a number of foreigners, especially English people and British mission schools flew into China. Since then, English teaching/learning has gradually become popular for Chinese people. As stated previously, the object of topic of this literature review is to find out how status of English language is in fields of education, business and economy, and international relationship from 2000 to Present. II. Literature Review Status of English language in education in China Hui (2001, p. 128) expresses that English is the most widely taught foreign language in China. In some cities, English is taught from grade 5 and some from grade 3 while in rural places, children in junior and senior high schools are allowed to have English class. In the junior and senior, two types of English books are used in which the first one is called Band 1 and the second is Band 2. According to English Syllabus for Jonior High School, 2000 as cited in Hui (2001), in Band 1, students are encouraged to be familiar with vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking. In colleges and universities, English is compulsory subject, and students are asked to study through Band 1 to Band 6, and they should complete six specific requirements; for example, familiar 4000 words, acceptable pronunciation and intonation, reading, listening, writing, and speaking (intermediate level). Similarly, according to Zhongshi Yu (2003), English language is considered one of the needed languages in Chinese educational system. In 2001, the ministry of education of China announced that English shoud be taught from lower level to higher one. In the lower class, all children from grade three are instructed English language so that they may develop their English ability before they go to higher education. The ministry further declared that for universities and collegues, English has to be used as a medium of instruction for several subjects such as information technology, biotechnology, finance, foreign trade, economics and law because these subjects have interrelation with English language. Due to this plan, provincial education commissions accordingly start to set up schedules for teaching English in many universties and collegues in cities (South China Morning Post, 2001 as cited in Zhongshi Yu, 2003). To facilitate English teaching/learning, the materials including textboo ks, classroom facilities, and testing centers are gradually developed in order that both teachers and students may find it easy to use them in their study because they are created locally (Peoples Daily Online as cited in Zhongshi Yu, 2003). Additionally, in the period, not only publish schools promote English but private schools also help encourage Chinese students to study English. Equally, according to a study by Zhiwei (2007), in order to help modernize the country, ministry of Education of China has strenghtened the English language teaching/learning through primary school to university level. In primary level, English is taught since third grade; in middle school, it is instructed as a main subject as other subjects such as Chinese language and mathematics while at university level, all students are required to learn English. To build up Chinese teachers ability in English, the ministry of Education has sent them to English speaking countries like the United States and the United Kingdom to have more trainings in English as well as to invite the native English teachers to share their knowledge and experiences to Chinese teachers and students. In addition, the ministry has as well promoted researchers to conduct more studies to explore more effective language teaching/learning strategies. Zhiwei (2007) states that to help make easy English teaching/learning, the ministry have established some textbooks and materials, so that the students can use and self-study; for example, English 1-4 volume, Functional English 1-4 volume, and Practical English Grammar. Zhiwei claims that before sending to next class or admitting to enter a course, students are asked to take different types of tests based on their levels; for instance, (1) basic grade tests, and higher grade test are done for students who are in English department, (2) 4-6 grade English test, a test for university students, (3) PETS, a co-operative item between Chinese and British, a test for publish, and (4) English Self-study text is conducted two times per year (in April and in October) for those students who want to test their English ability. Similarly, Zhang (2008) states that English teaching/learning becomes more and more popular in China; hence, a number of Chinese learners start to acquire English, and most of them want to be near-like English speakers. Based on ELIC website, an organization of English Language Institute in China as cited in Zhang (2008), numerous native-English instructors, especially from the United States, are hired to teach English in Chinese universities across the country. The organization adds that the reasons China rent those teachers because they are viewed as good models, and are considered effective trainers who probably provide better English knowledge to Chinese students in terms of pronunciation and accent, effective strategies and techniques, teaching styles, and others. Pennycook, 1998 as cited in Zhang (2008) also emphasizes that English teaching in China is constructed as a superior language since knowing English is believed to have a better understanding of the world making English speakers not only to be better teachers but also to gain superior knowledge of world. Likewise, based on Zhang (2008), English language is the most-studied foreign language in many educational institutions in China. From primary schools to universities, English classes are given and every student is required to attend English class from middle school to unversity level. In middle schools, English is tutored as a basic course which is similar to mathematics, sciences and Chinese language while in university level, English language is a compulory subject. Zhang (2008) emphasizes that university students has to successfully finish English course before graduating from the universities since they will use it in their workplace. So, if their ability in English cannot be qualified, they may not be employed. On the contrary, if their English ability is strong enough, they may be given a priority to work, especially in foreign companies. By the same token, according a study by Aimin Yan (2011), college English (CE) is highly recommended subject for undergraduate students in China. Their study was conducted with 20 graduates, from universtiy of Jinan in China, who have already possesed jobs for one or two years. The study shows that CE curriculum is a needed program in colleges because it provides a lot advantages to undergraduate students in their studies such as English for special purpose and billingual course as well as to gain advantages in workplace. The study also shows that graduate candicats need to have enough competence in English in order to be qualified for various positions in job market. In China, the most common jobs available are in businesses and in government organizations, and to be qualified for the job market, applicants need to make sure that they can use English in locating information, translating documents, and creating and editing English, especially in oral communication. As a result, CE program in colleges needs to be strenghtened to instill students ability in English to fulfill the schools requirement and to meet job market. Status of English language in business and economy Zhongshi Yu (2003) raise that in China, English plays a very important role in doing business, particularly in international business. In international business, business men and women need to use English to communicate with other foreign business people. Most documents including non-formal and formal are written in English. According to a survey study by Pang Jixian et al, 2002 as cited in Zhongshi Yu (2003), he found that a number of business people in China mainly use English throught faxes and emails to contact their business partners instead of using Chinese language. More importantly, English is officially used in joint venture contracts and in other agreements. The study also found that Chinese people work in the international companies are given English names, so that their managers can easily address them. Furthermore, English names are not only given to employees but they are also written on logoes of many international business; for example, Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Cr oss Pizza, China Telecom, China Mobile, bank of China, agricultural bank of China, and commercail and industrial bank of China (Pang Jixian et al, 2002 as cited in Zhongshi Yu, 2003). Zhu (2008) asserts that due to development in a number of fields in China, business English is designed for higher educational institutions. Business English is a language used by people who work in business field, so selected words, expressions, grammatical structures are utilized in only business purposes. In China, English for business has its own characteristics, and English for business program allows the learners to build up English language skill and business management skill. According to Zhu (2008), English for business becomes an interest for a number of Chinese learners since it benefits a lot for their future. For that reason, business English program for undergraduate students was first run at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. In the program, the learners who complete all requirement subjects are awarded to get BA degree in foreign language or in business management. Based on Zhu (2008), another reason that English for business gain more interest is due to an incr ease of globalization economy. Thus, National Education Department has designed English for business in most universities in China so that when the students graduate, they may easily get a job in business companies. Johnson, (2010) illustrates that to expand trade inside the country and with the world, China may need to adopt English language because it could serve such purposes. After registering as a member of WTO, numerous foreign investments-western nations and the United Stated-come to China to do businesses, and more Chinese investments oversea are, as well increased noticeably. Johnson (2010) asserts that trading within a location or with local people is not enough, so Chinese traders begin to trade with foreigners, especially with the United Stated because most famous and large manufacturers are under the control of the United Stated. In other words, the United Stated is a central part in which all products and goods from different parts of the world could traffic under their power. So, the official language for both speaking and written form is English. For this reason, Chinese traders need to improve their knowledge to English language because they might enlarge their trading either with Chinese people or with foreigners. Johnson, (2010) further raises that knowing English bring Chinese people to have better job and benefit. In other words, English is probably a bridge to well-paid job or gate to reach working world. A big example raised by Johnson (2010) is 2008 Beijing Olympic Game which could be considered a great opportunity for Chinese people. Considerable Chinese people who have English knowledge would make much money, even taxi drivers because a number of foreign visitors entered China. Since then, more and more Chinese people are interested in English because they may earn a lot of money for daily job as well as in the next consequent famous events (China daily as cited in Johnson, 2010). Wang (2011) emphasizes that English is regarded as a demanded foreign language by a lot of Chinese people because fo the current need in working fields. As known that China has attracted many foreign investments-companies, factories, restaurants, shops and others-to come to do business, particularly from the United States, and the United Kingdom. Hence, many Chinese people who have English knowledge are given priority to have job opportunity since in daily operation, Egnlish is used to communicate between employees and employers. Besides oral communication, written form in English through faxes, and emails are commonly used to contact one another within workplace or to other workplaces. More importantly, the legal documents such as contracts and other agreements are officially written in English, particularly in joint ventures, and agreements of exhanging products and services. According to Rugman and Collinson, 2006 as cited in Wang (2011), most management teams in international bus inesses use English to communicate with their employees within the company as well as with other companies. Rugman and Collinson, 2006 as cited in Wang (2011) also point out that there are two different levels in communications in international businesses in which first one refers to a communincation between two independent business whereas the second one refers to a communication occurs in multinational business. Status of English international relationship Hui (2001) points out that after setting up opening door policy, Chinese government has reinforced English so that the country could probably understand and communicate with the world. Since Chinese citizen has adopted and used English, it has helped bring China to world. Probably due to the policy with integration of English in Chinese policy system, China gets involved with the world through numerous works with the United States. In addition, many foreign tourists visit China creating stronger relationship with the world. Hui (2001) further states that Chinese civil service and ministers go oversea to further their education in English as the time as more and more students get scholarship to continue their study at English speaking countries like the United State and Australia. Also, Gil Adamson (2004) state that China has become more and more popular in the world; therefore, more connections between China and other countries have to be built up gradually. And to help build up the connections and to make those nations understand China or vice versa, Chinese government possibly need to use English because it is an international language. Most Chinese documents, especially official documents from political leaders need to translate into English in order that other goverments find it easily to communicate. Based on Hung, 2002 as cited in Gil Adamson (2004), Chinese government has established Foreign Language Bureau and Foreign Language Press to help facilitate English language and translate the governments view to the rest of the world in which China has a connection with. Sun, 1999 as cited in Zhang (2008) raises that because of arrival of English, Chinese government could build up its prestige in international events which lift up China to the world. Zhang (2008) emphasizes that English becomes Chinese students passports for a better life. Chinese people who have English knowledge may find it easier to in foreign events or countries rather that those who do not know it. Bakhtin, 1984 as cited in Zhang (2008) demonstrates that to develop its connections through the world, Chinese government encourage all ministries to improve its own ability in English. Bakhtin, 1984 as cited in Zhang (2008) further explains that knowing English might provide Chinese people with good way to obtain benefits, social position and image. According to Zhang Zhang (2008), English teaching in China was reduced due to a cold war in 1950s and 1960s between American and Soviet. On the other hand, English returns to China with high speed due to an open-door policy created by Deng Xiaoping who wants China to be modernized with the world. Virtue of this, Chinese government has rebuilt a diplomatic relationship with the United States. For this reason, a number of American teachers, students, and scholars travel to China as well as other foreigners come to visit and reside in China. Because of better connections between China and the United States, China government has sent a few politicians to the United States or vice versa in order that they could exchange their concepts and learn each other. Lam, 1999 as cited in Zhang (2008) states that China government rents considerable English experts to help instill Chinese officials so that they may work effectively in jobs because they works as the countrys representatives Similarly, Song (2009) indicates that due to its open-up policy, China becomes an interesting nation attracted by the world. From time to time, China plays more important role in the world in fields of politics, economy, culture, and diplomatic. A few famous events; for example, 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai World exhibition, and Boao Foru are consequently held in China impressing millions of people around the globe. Hence, to make China easily connect the rest of world or vice versa, Chinese people, particularly the ones who work in the government need to have English knowledge. Thus, English teaching/learning in China starts from low level (elementary) up to higher one (university level). Song (2009) reveals that due to department of English of Nanjing University, western cultures and ideas, and Chinese cultures and ideas are promoted in teaching/learning English courses. In other words, Chinese learners are encouraged to acquire both westerns and Chinas philosophy and culture at the same time so that the learners can use English expressions to substitute Chinese ones when there are not any equivalence to English or vice versa. Likewise, based on Jiang (2011), English is considered a golden award for Chinese people which could promote Chinas prestige and image in many international connections after China is registered to be a member of Word Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. The international connection between China and the world is gradually accelerating as soon as appearance of English language in China. Through the connection, a few famous events such as international exhibitions, and Olympic Games celebrating in China, attract millions of people around the world to visit China. According to Li Li, a vice president of New Orient as cited in Jiang (2011) declares that the influence of those events can give China more power as well as prestige to develop the country faster. Onec again, because more and more Chinese people gain more English competence, their connections with the rest of world is getting better and better. In the same way, Su (2011) indicates that as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), China tries its best to take adantages of this chance to meet challenges. China has promoted and accelerated both products and human resources in order to compete with other nations. To export more products to the world, more companies and factories have been established, and run the companies and factories, human resources has been improved by sending them to well-known nations such as the United States, and the United Kingdom, so that they can develop their technological and English skills. Furthermore, to help build up their students knowledge in English, China has to reinforce billingual education. Student are requiresd to accomplish English since they have to face a plenty of international situations. Another benefit that China obtain after being WTOs member is international relation. English not only brings China to compete with other nations in terms enonomy but it also allows China to have closely relationship with the world, specially with the United States. Su (2011) explain that as English serves as a variety of benefits for Chinese people and its society, China is having more willingness and power to push better national image in internationa l arena and to encourage their students to step forward on ladder to reach the world of prestige. III. Conclusion According to mentioned above, status of English language may plays important roles in education, business and economy, and international connection. To some extent, arrival of English may also be one of the reasons that help develop and improve in China. It is non-avoidable thing for Chinese people to associate with others and to adopt the age of technology; as a result, it needs to accept English since it is a language of technology. Therefore, Chinese governments has emerged English education to help build up Chinese students ability in English from lower levels up to higher levels. Besides the importance of English in education, it also plays as a main role in doing business, especially in international businesses and international relationship. However, Jiang (2011) states that while English may profit Chinese people and its society, the negative impact probably come to Chinese people and its language, too. Professor Ma and professor Pen as cited in Jiang (2011, p. 198) emphasizes that there is a important connection between language and national security and English fashion in china is not a good phenomenon for the development of national language security, which is the component of national sovereignty. The fast spread of English language in China will more or less ruin Chinese language since many Chinese students pay less attention on their own language. According to my understanding, I would say that what China does to its country is properly right because it brings the development, prestige as well as status to the country. However, it may not be an appropriate idea to highly promote English without seeing the bad influence to the society. The more China tries to give value to English for their development; the bad impact will come to damage Chinese Language. As we know that, Chinese language is widely spoken and used if comparing to English. A number of Chinese people are around the world doing business, so its language is used accordingly. Nonetheless, if English is supported Chinese citizen, a number of next generations will more or less forget his or her own language (Chinese language) from time to time. Based on my point of view, Chinese government should reduce the image of English by emerging Chinese language wherever English is. Chinese language should be promoted to write in research articles and publish in international journals, Chinese governments should raise awareness that Chinese language needed to be preserved in order to defend its reputation, and last but not least, Chinese government should limit the number of English learning at all educational system.

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Earths environment Essay

Ecological niche refers to the position that an organism occupies in a habitat. It comprises the physical space where an organism is found and its role in that habitat in terms of the feeding relationships and other interactions with other species. Ecology niche describes the role or the contribution of an organism in an ecosystem. It also pertain to the sum of all activities and association a species has while obtaining and using resources required to survive and reproduce. The ecological niche fit into ecosystem, reward the competitive exclusion principle to state. Two species cannot pertain in an ecosystem if the niche is identical, however exist only if one or more differences in niche (Lester & Hal, 1994). Biodiversity and its important Biodiversity refers to the variety of species, their biological make-up, and the natural communities in which they occur. It comprise of all the native plants and animals in Pennsylvania and the processes, which sustain life. An ecological services offered by the biodiversity are important to everyday life. Biodiversity enhances ecosystem productivity in which all the species have a significant role to play. It is this case which enables the ecosystem to process the ability to prevent and recover from different disasters. This is crucial for human since greater plant species implies variety of crops. Moreover, most species of animals ensures that the ecosystem is naturally sustained (Hunter, 1996). What happens if the need for biodiversity in an ecosystem is not met? When ecosystems erode and biodiversity decrease, the cost of replacing its natural services such as protection of water resources, sources of food and recreational tourism become expensive. To prevent the genetic defects caused by in propagation, a variety of genes are required by the species for successful survival. The rate of extinction will increase if this is not put in place. The destructions, reduction and segregation of the habitat, reduce likelihood for interaction from species with a hefty gene pool. Impact of the exploitation of mineral and energy resources on environment: Mineral and energy resources have been perceived as vital ingredients in stimulating and supporting economic growth and improving the living standards. Its exploitations however, accounts to various environmental impacts such as, loss of biodiversity and pollution. During mining process, toxic gases may be emitted from the mines resulting to air pollution. When it rains, rainwater washes these toxic into the river or lakes causing water pollution. Similarly, extensive areas of vegetation may be cleared to pave way for the exploitation of mineral or energy; this leads to loss of biodiversity. With the destructions of the plant life, the habitats of various animals are destroyed. Environmental impact of Meat production Livestock production contributes to more climate change gasses in the world. In total, it contributes to about 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions. It causes land and water degradation. This percentage is due to land use changes or the emission caused by the energy used to produce fertilizers and pesticides for feed crops, run the slaughterhouse and pumping of water. In general, livestock production account to many environmental problems affecting the world. This includes rainforest degradation, deserts spread, decrease of fresh water, air and water pollution, acid rain and surface run-off. Environmental impact of Aquaculture Although aquaculture is understood as a clean industry, it causes adverse environmental effects to ecosystem. In deed, tilapia or catfish may change poisonous organic wastes into non-poisonous fish meat. But, salmon or shrimp farming has been revealed to cause negative effect to the environment. For instance, if fish waste, or antibiotic are unconfined from the crowded cages the nutrients will increase, which consequently result to rapid growth of phytoplankton and algae. The destructions of algae eventually result to reduce levels of oxygen in water that endangered fish and other organisms. Accordingly, wild fish will encounter poor water quality, destruction of bottom habitat and the disease outbreak. Another impact is the biological pollution caused by the alteration of the ecosystems and the reduction of the biodiversity. For example, an introduction of non-native species in particular ecosystem may result to food shortage, native habitat, or spawning areas for native species. In severe cases, a large blue tilapia has caused degradation of native fish species and vegetation. Sustainability refers to reasoning in terms of whole systems, with their correlations, consequences, and the response loop. This way of reasoning prevents artificial and frequently deceptive grouping like humanity against nature, and instead put more emphasis on responding to problems reasonably through learning and innovation. This is achieved by removing artificial obstacles and enhancing partnerships, which may leads to a low waste society (Lele & Norgaard, 1996). Conclusion Finally we have learnt that Sustainable environment improves the quality of life while living within the normal capacity of an ecosystem. One should sustain the level of physical resource used and moreover be able to convert those physical resources into an enhanced good and services for satisfying their need, without degrading the supporting ecosystems. Reference: Lester, B. & Hal, K. (1994). The full house: Re-evaluating the population of the Earth’s Carrying Capacity, New York: Norton, 76-77. Hunter, M. L. (1996). A fundamental of conservation biology. Blackwell science. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 482. Lele, S. & Norgaard, R. B. (1996). Sustainability & scientist’s burden. Conservation biology (10) 165-354.

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Ancient Greek Science and Astronomy - 2201 Words

The Ancient Greek culture has had such an impact on the world that no matter where you look you re sure to find something Greek about it. Out of all the areas that the Greek culture is famous for there are two that tend to exert themselves into our own culture even today. That would be their Science and Astronomy fields. If one were to look up in a library books about ancient Greek science and astronomy they would have a mountain of books to sift through. There seem to be so many individuals who have contributed towards the great scientific and astronomic revelations that the list of names seems to go on and on. Many of the theories that were structured in the ancient Greek culture are still put to use today. The goal of†¦show more content†¦One example of Pythagoras s feelings of personality towards numbers was the number Ten (10). He insisted it was quot;the very bestquot; number because it contained the first four integers - one, two, three, and four [1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10]. When written in dot notation these numbers formed a perfect triangle. Taken directly from Thomas Heath who was a civil servant and also one of the leading world experts on the history of mathematics is a list of theorems attributed to Pythagoras and his followers: (i) The sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles. Also the Pythagoreans knew the generalization, which states that a polygon with n sides has sum of interior angles 2n - 4 right angles and sum of exterior angles equal to four right angles. (ii) The theorem of Pythagoras - for a right-angled triangle the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides. We should note here that to Pythagoras the square on the hypotenuse would certainly not be thought of as a number multiplied by itself, but rather as a geometrical square constructed on the side. To say that the sum of two squares is equal to a third square meant that the two squares could be cut up and reassembled to form a square identical to the third square. (iii) Constructing figures of a given area and geometrical algebra. For example they solved equations such as a (a - x) = x2 by geometrical means. (iv) TheShow MoreRelatedScientific and Mathematical Contributions of Ancient Greece, China, and India1112 Words   |  4 Pages Our advancements in science and mathematics are typically overlooked in todays society. We take the growth of these fields for granted, but we never really think about who developed these ideas, why they did this, or how it has affected where we are today. The truth is, we have inherited all of our scientific and mathematical skills and theories from ancient civilizations. Ancient Greece is often known for its strong advancements in philosophy. Ancient China is most well known for its inventionsRead MoreContributions of Greek Civilization to Western Civilization825 Words   |  4 PagesAlejandra Fraguada Ancient amp; Medieval Western Civilization Contributions of Greek Civilization to Western Civilization. Ancient Greeks made many influential contributions to western civilization such as in the areas of philosophy, art and architecture, math and science. These contributions, which are also the achievements of ancient Greece, include certain things in the areas of philosophy, art, architecture, math and science. The ancient Greeks were a remarkable civilization in thatRead MoreA Critical Review of the Introduction (pp.xi-xvi) to Cumont, Franz, Astrology Among The Greeks and Romans, New York: Dover Publications 1960 (1911)1092 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Franz Cumont’s introduction in Astrology and Religion Among The Greek and Romans, the Dover 1960 edition of the unabridged and unaltered original work published, by G P Putnam in 1912, is aimed at the general historical and theological audience. On reading Franz Cumont introduction it is obvious he is scathing in his comments towards the practise of astrology. Along with his contempt of the continuing growth in the belief of astrology and how, throughout humankindRead MoreGreece s Impact On The World1335 Words   |  6 PagesA Blast From the Past The way to better the world is to go back to the past and learn the ways of those who came before and learned from their mistakes; sort of like time traveling. When going back in time and comparing the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece to today, the root of our knowledge is greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the most impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impactRead MoreGreece s Impact On The World1360 Words   |  6 PagesA Blast From the Past The way to better the world is to go back to the past and learn the ways of those who came before and learned from their mistakes; sort of like time traveling. When going back in time and comparing the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece to today, the root of our knowledge are greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the most impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impactRead MoreEver since the beginning of time there have been stars. Not only stars in the sky, but moons,1700 Words   |  7 Pagesgalaxies! Astronomy is defined as the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. In other words it is the study of space, planets, and stars. Throughout the ages, many people have used astronomy to help them learn about the universe, our own planet, and even make predictions about life itself. Understanding astronomy means understan ding where it originated, the different groups/cultures that used it, and modern purposes of the science of the starsRead MoreGreek Philosophy And The Greek Creation1593 Words   |  7 Pages The word â€Å"philosophy†, comes from the Ancient Greek word (Phileo), meaning â€Å"to love† or â€Å"to befriend† and (Sophia), meaning â€Å"wisdom†; making philosophy stand for â€Å"the love of wisdom†. Philosophy is about understanding the fundamental truths about ourselves, the world in which we live in, and our relationships to the world and amongst each other. It is the study of general problems connected with existence, values, language, and mind. Those who study philosophy (philosophers), engage in askingRead MoreGreek Contributions Essay1482 Words   |  6 PagesMajor Greek contributions include astronomy, optics, and acoustics, along with major advances in mathematics. Science in ancient Greece was based on logical thinking and mathema tics. The Greeks were very interested to know about the world, the heavens, and themselves. Greek geniuses were articulate thinkers. (Pg. 55, Society and Technological Change) The Greek philosophers were very much drawn to mathematics. They invented its generality, analyzed its premises, and made notable discoveriesRead MoreAncient Greek Astronomy Essay1538 Words   |  7 PagesAncient Greek Astronomy Since the first Egyptian farmers discovered the annual reappearance of Sirius just before dawn a few days before the yearly rising of the Nile, ancient civilizations around the Mediterranean have sought to explain the movements of the heavens as a sort of calendar to help guide them conduct earthly activities. Counting phases of the moon or observing the annual variations of day length could, after many years collection of observations, serve as vital indicators for plantingRead MoreA Comparison of Great Scientists in History Essay1063 Words   |  5 PagesSocrates was an Ancient Greek philosopher who lived from 469-399 B.C. Much of what he knew he learned from another famous Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. Concerning logic and human behavior in general, â€Å"Socrates’ life was inspired by discussion and debate with both the young of Athens and the leading philosophers of his day† (Daintith, Vol. 9 93). He introduced methodical and ordered thinking. Socrates is q uoted as having said, â€Å"It seemed to me a superlative thing to know the explanation of

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Passive Periphrastic Latin Construction

The passive periphrastic construction in Latin expresses the idea of obligation -- of must or ought. A very familiar passive periphrastic is a phrase attributed to Cato, who was bent on destroying the Phoenicians. Cato is said to have ended his speeches with the phrase Carthago delenda est or Carthage must be destroyed.There are two parts to this passive periphrastic, one adjectival and one a form of the verb to be. The adjectival form is the gerundive - note the nd before the ending. The ending is, in this case, feminine, nominative singular, to agree with the noun Carthago, which, like many place names, is feminine.The agent, or in Catos case, the person who would be doing the destroying, is expressed by a dative of agent. Carthago____________Romae__________________ delenda estCarthage (nom. sg. fem.) [by] Rome (dative case) destroyed (gerundive nom. sg. fem.) to be (3rd sg. present) Eventually, Cato got his way. Heres another example: Marc Antony probably thought: Cicero____________Octaviano__________________ delendus estCicero (nom. sg. masc.) [by] Octavianus (dative case) destroyed (gerundive nom. sg. masc.) to be (3rd sg. present) See Why Cicero Had to Die. Index of Quick Tips on Latin Verbs Types of Latin VerbsLatin SupineLatin Verb EndingsLatin InfinitivesLatin Verbs - Internal Thematic VowelLatin Verbs - Person and NumberLatin Verbs - Prepositions in VerbsLatin Verbs - Sequence of Tenses in Indirect DiscourseLatin Words - Where Do You Add on Endings?Passive Periphrastic