Monday, February 17, 2020

Target and Pinterest Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Target and Pinterest - Assignment Example It is a good marketing tool that essentially increases a business’s customers and sales. Target is going to use 3 key influencers of Pinterest to market their products. Limited edition collections of party items will be sold in stores and online. The selected Pinterest stars are top fashion bloggers and influential people in design. Blogger Joy Cho of Oh Joy who has 13.6 million bloggers began his partnership with Target on March by starting her party collection while Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk who has 8.3 million followers will launch her Target collections in June (Entis 2014). Kate Arends of Wit and Delight will do the same in September. My impression with this move by target to collaborate with top Pinterest bloggers is that it is a good marketing strategy for the company. Social media has become an essential platform for businesses to attract customers across the world. With the increasing number of social media users, businesses are able to meet a lot of potential customers online. Therefore, using Pinterest to generate sales is a good strategy for Target. Pinterest’s move to use influential people will work in generating revenue because influential people have the most following on social media; hence the company is able to access many potential customers (Weissman 2014). The followers of blogger Cho alone are 13.6 million. Therefore, during her time as a seller for Target, she generates a lot of sales from the millions of customers from her followers. The same case is similar from the other collaborators. Another aspect that makes the collaboration of Target and Pinterest’s influential bloggers is the popularity of Pinterest as a destination for entertaining inspiration (Entis 2014). Therefore, by collaborating with top tastemakers in fashion, Target will attract more customers for its party collections. The brand image of Target is good because the business is collaborating with

Monday, February 3, 2020

Native American Spiritual Artwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Native American Spiritual Artwork - Essay Example Similarly, the beautifully art-worked moccasin foot ware of Cherokee tribe are also seen as something sacred and this is evident when in a poem, the Native American man sings, â€Å"I put them on. I walked sacred on the land† (Williams et al., 31). On the performance side also, it can be seen that Native American dance is not simply an art form or a mode of entertainment but is deeply embedded with spiritualism (Sun Dance). Dance even becomes a form of prayer for these tribes (Sun Dance). In this way, â€Å"American art provides a mean for people to connect to the sacred† (Zimmerman, 94). It is observed that â€Å"animism† is the prevalent common theme of all Native American art (Dagan). The spiritual meaning of animism is a belief that â€Å"all things (in this world) are in unity† with each other (Dagan). Animism is also considered as the â€Å"oldest spiritual perspective in the world† (Dagan). The visualization of animism in Native Indian art ca n be seen as â€Å"spirals or zigzag lines† in paintings and carvings (Dagan). An interesting aspect of Native American art is that a spiritual experience is what ends up as an art work for a tribesman (Zimmerman, 94). Zimmerman has given an example for this when he said, â€Å"a dream might reveal to the artist a design for a warrior’s shield or part of a dancer’s regalia† (94).... It was a spiritual retreat in which a large number of participants would fast, pray and dance for a period of days. They asked for answers to events going on in their lives† (Sun Dance). Half-man-half –beast images are also part of this spiritual philosophy (Dagan). It is these spiritual creatures that are supposed to guide the shaman through the path between the two worlds (Dagan). The same figures can be seen in the paintings, carvings and performance arts of Native Americans (Dagan). While exploring Native American performance art, it has to be kept in mind that â€Å"Native American dance is meant to channel spiritual energies or reanimate ancient stories that can be caused to re-appear in the world today† (Dagan). A magical web, the dream catcher, is yet another figure that appears in many forms of Native American art (Dagan). Also, the wolf being a sacred animal for Native Americans, it has gained a place in Indian art as well (Dagan). Apart from these commo n themes, there are different concepts of art and spirituality prevalent among different Indian tribes. For example, many â€Å"clan crests, songs, stories, (and) regalia (hats, blankets, tunics etc.) and clan houses† are considered ‘at.o?ow’ by Tlingit clan thereby wiping out the difference between what is art and what is mundane (Willaims et al., 139). The borders of physical and spiritual worlds thus overlap. An at.o?ow is a clan property that has social and spiritual importance (Williams et al., 139). From this example, it can be seen that traditional artworks as well as art forms like songs and stories have a spiritual role in Native American culture. Similarly, in the Pueblo community, the embroidery done by traditional weavers