Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Design brief for climate change campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Design brief for climate change campaign - Essay Example This will encourage the use of public transportation, which will decrease the amount of carbon emission. People who live and work in Toronto in the 16-50s age group. There are two groups that I will target for this campaign. People who live in Toronto and people who work and go to school in Toronto, but don’t live in the city. Toronto is a very large and busy city and all of the schools and companies are very clustered. Both groups of people have very busy and fast lifestyles. They do not have much time to read all of the ads around them. People believe that global warming is happening because the media is making a big deal about it. They know something about climate change, but don’t really know what it can do to us. They do not think that changing their behavior or habits can help to slow down this extreme climate change and vice versa, their lifestyle. Climate change can really harm us. It is our problem and changes in our behavior can slow down this global warming. Using public transportation is one of the solutions in the fight against climate change. Toronto is a really busy area and there are many signs and ads. To stand out from these, this campaign needs to attract audiences through the visual image. The image itself should convey the message that we are in danger if we do not take a action because they do not have time to read all of the texts on the campaign. The competing alternative behavior will be driving their own cars. This can save their time and they do not have to take transportation with a bunch of people they do not know. The cost of take this action would be paying their gas fee. People living in Toronto have very busy lifestyles and daily routines. Therefore, the campaign should be able to deliver the message without further reading of the text. The image should bring out the emotion from my target audience in just a short glance. I want my target audience to feel sorry for the earth and at the same

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